Tangalle has one of the largest natural bays in the island, which is protected by a reef. You will find some superb beaches hidden in small coves and bays. These are not beaches that stretch for miles as in other Sri Lanka beaches. The quiet little beach fronts are ideal hideaways amongst the breeze that sweeps across the Tangalle bay.

One side of this town bears a small hillock, with a bird’s eye view of the surrounding bay up to the far horizon of the palm fringed beach and the shimmering sea. This hillock is what gave Tangalle its name which translates to ‘projected rock’ in Sinhalese. The protective bays and the picturesque coves are a natural treasure and have made the town a popular port from the ancient times of Dutch rule up till the modern day, when the area is an important fishing town, as well as a perfect place for those who desire a quiet, relaxed holiday with plenty of sun, sand and sea.

The most popular day excursion from Tangalle is to the stunning rock temple of Mulkirigala, 20km to the north where after ascending a series of rock steps you will reach few natural caves with numerous wall paintings and Buddha statues. Wildlife is also come by quite often as it is in close proximity to Yala National Park. Tangalle is so culturally, environmentally and leisurely diverse that it offers some of the best family holidays to Sri Lanka.

Experiences in Tangalle include visit the Mulkirigala Rock Monastery, Madunagala Hermitage, Tangalle lagoon, surrounding beaches, Turtle watching at Rekawa and more.