School Project Sri Sariputta College

The particular project is viewed as a long term investment on our part as we believe such programs help to bring about an attitude change especially in the young children and helps to inculcate eco-consciousness mindset.

The majority of student population at Sri Sariputta College were from low- income level and less privileged community and the surrounding area had number of pressing issues such as improper garbage disposal etc. Although initially students displayed lack of interest and awareness, we were able to successfully convey the necessity of sustainability practices and how to do so as part of their daily routine. The students were encouraged to practice what they have learned with in the school premises. This was reinforced with the poster competition. We believe that such practices will help them to grow up as adults with eco-friendly behavior.


Implementation and timeline

Grade Winner’s Name
Grade 06 M.A. Hansika Perera
Grade 07 Induwara Adithya Vithanage
Grade 08 M.N.A. Salam
Grade 09 Mohomad Fasli
Grade 10 M. Rimas
Grade 11 Nei Sajidha Jaufer