Jetwing Holidays

With Jetwing Holidays the world’s most fascinating people and places are now within easy reach. Walk the Via Dolorosa in Jerusalem on a spiritual pilgrimage to the Holy Land, hike up the Himalayas, have a romantic cruise on the Mediterranean or spend exciting nights in the wilds on an African safari. Jetwing Holidays provides authentic travel experiences around the world with their highly personalized service and over 30 years of experience. Thus guests are certain of creating memories that will not be forgotten.

Jetwing Holidays has a wide variety of tours on offer for anyone bitten by wanderlust. Pilgrimages, safaris, shopping, leisure, cultural, cruises and even Honeymoon tours form the gamut of the Jetwing Holiday experience. For instance anyone who wants to go on the Holy Land tour will spend 8 days exploring the ancient land of Israel. From Bethlehem to Mt.Zion, from the Sycamore Tree to the Dead Sea, not a stone will be left untouched when visiting this ancient nation with all its spiritual and historical significance. The same can be said of the Buddhist pilgrimage to Ajanta-Ellora where you walk in the steps of the Buddha for 10 significant days.

Safaris organized by Jetwing Holidays can take you to see the Tigers of India or even further afield to Tanzania where you get the amazing opportunity to visit the most impressive wildlife sanctuary in the world, Serengeti. Enormous herds of zebra and wildebeest, elephants, endangered black rhino and hippos provide a spectacular viewing of animal life.  Our shopping tours are equally popular as there is nothing more that people enjoy than some retail therapy. Two nights and three days in Bangkok means you can shop till you drop. Likewise in Mumbai you can buy sari and shoes galore while Singapore is renowned for being one of the best markets in Asia for the tech-savvy nerd.

Culture provides travelers with a valuable insight into the lives of people other than  those you are generally familiar with. Jetwing Holidays offers some unusual escapes to exotic lands such as Rajasthan, Vietnam, Jordon, Oman, Orissa and Saigon opening up our clients to vivid and dramatic cultures. Your stay in Jordan will include days spent in Amman, Petra, Wadi Rum and the Dead sea. A desert safari at the Jabal Rum campsite will be a unique holiday as you will be staying in a Bedouin tent and reliving an Arabian night in all its glory.

Our cruise ship holidays can be taken in Alaska, Northern Europe or the Middle East while our Honeymoon packages include a number of options. Romantic beaches of Mauritius or the sparkling shores of the Maldives are pitted against the cooler environs of Kashmir or a restful houseboat in Kerala. Likewise leisure tours though Europe, Japan, China, Australia and New Zealand highlight the fact that there is no part of the globe that Jetwing Holidays is not willing to go for its clients.

With Jetwing Holidays all you have to do is sit back and relax as your food and accommodation, airport transfers and transport is all taken care of. We also assist with visas and travel insurance and will go that extra mile to provide our clients with a comfortable and exciting journey.