Jetwing Events

Jetwing Events is a Sri Lankan event planning company that can create sophisticated, fascinating and reliable events for a diverse range of clientèle. As a leading Professional Conference Organizer (PCO), Jetwing Events organizes conferences, exhibitions, summits, themed events, fund raisers, fashion shows, parties and weddings. We leave no stone unturned in our efforts to create a faultless event which is why we are renowned for our professionalism, capability and more importantly our personalized service. We began in 1993 and having 20 years of experience in the field of event planning we have honed our skills to perfection by having administered successful events for our global client base.


Jetwing Events offers a variety of services. For those who require Conference and Event Management they can be assured that amidst many other services their programs will be researched and developed, budgets will be analyzed and they will even have their very own consulting service for personal travel. Our Pre-Event preparation will leave you more than satisfied as we hand in monthly reports on our progress, mail out publicity materials to possible attendees and even select locations for hotels and other off-site events. If in need of Pre-program and post-program planning we organize special social programs (for accompanying spouses as well) and visits to cultural sites and special areas for sporting events such as white-water rafting, surfing or scuba diving.


We create events that are unmatched by other event organizations and this is not only relegated to the area of planning but also due to the fabulous support facilities and equipment that we make available when organizing events. Our personalized approach to event planning is made apparent from the hospitality we extend to all arrivals, the multi linguistic capabilities of our staff and even down to the state of the art office equipment that we provide. Our audio-visual equipment consists of LED Screens, plasma panels and LCDS. We also ensure that we have intelligent lighting solutions to match each occasion. Similarly we also offer a variety of audio options such as conference mics, FM mics and even communication equipment such as walkie-talkies.


Our success as event organizers is also because of the way in which we help our clients to relax and rejuvenate themselves despite their busy schedules. Under our accompanying person programme we cater for the family and friends of clients who accompany them to these events by treating them to spa treatments, cooking demonstrations, yoga, shopping and a host of other leisure activities. We aim to combine work and play so that no one ends up feeling stressed or worn-out.


Our event planning skills have been utilized by numerous organizations including Cathay Pacific, NDB, the L’Oreal group, the College of Surgeons, HSBC and the Sri Lanka Economic Summit. We look forward to organizing and producing more stylish and renowned events where everything will be at your fingertips.