Jetwing Energy Policy

We at Jetwing understand and believe that energy is a valuable commodity and conservation of energy is the need of the hour. In this endeavor, to continually improve our energy performance we commit to:

  • Integrate energy conservation strategies in all our activities and consider our commitment to the environment when making business decisions.
  • Purchase energy efficient equipment, goods and services and increase energy performance by design improvements.
    Promote wherever possible renewable and sustainable energy sources, taking advantage of energy resources available in the area.
  • Set energy targets and regularly monitor and evaluate energy performance among the group hotels.
    Document and communicate energy performance data to all levels within the group.
  • Review objectives and targets on an annual basis with the aim to continually improve on minimizing the environmental impact of our operations.
  • Raise awareness on energy conservation of all new and existing employees through the provision of appropriate training.
  • Comply with all applicable local laws and international regulatory standards.
  • Monitor and reduce our carbon footprint and work towards a carbon neutral future.

While it is the responsibility of all associates to apply the principles of this policy through commitment and actions, the policy will be implemented under the authority of the Engineer of the Hotel.