In line with its corporate vision, the Jetwing Family incessantly makes every effort to deliver a memorable experience to its valued guests on Sri Lankan culture & hospitality, throughout their stay in the country.

To succeed in the aforementioned, we ensure that all our associates, as well as suppliers of services obtained, are systematically taught in Training Programs tailored to suit their particular needs and constraints.

On the 29th of November 2019, our most recent programs were conducted in Tropical Village Hotel – Dambulla, with the participation of 160 sales representatives belonging to 15 Spice & Herbal Gardens located in Matale & Mawanella.


The services of several qualified professionals were obtained for to educate the participants on the most pertinent topics directly affecting their business as well as of our valued prospects. The program was also took into consideration the respective Trip Advisor ratings of the individual business in all its undertakings.

A lecture on the importance of the Traditional Indigenous Spices was delivered by Mr. Karu Peiris: Visiting Lecturer SLITHM (Sri Lanka Institute of Tourism & Hotel Management), who also went on to specify how such knowledge should be conveyed to tourists, thereby enhancing their holiday experience, emphasizing the fact that Ayurveda in all its aspects should be made aware among our tourists. Further reminiscing that the history of Ayurveda, its contribution to traditional healthy living, and its numerous traditional medical treatments will be indispensable knowledge to our visitors. Also signifying the eight sections in Ayurveda, its eight treatments and the ancient practice of balancing the 3 elements, vatha (air), pitha (bile) and kapa (Phlegm).


In his lecture, Mr. Peiris further stressed on the Personal Development of the salespersons, where he spoke of a positive mental attitude and the various qualities required for success, from aspects like courtesy, sincerity, promptness, tactfulness, and friendliness.

Another speaker on the program, Dr. Thilina Buddika – Ayurvedic Physician of Jetwing Vil Uyana, together with the assistance of a qualified therapist delivered a live demonstration, outlining the specifications of providing professional spa therapy to our guests.



Lastly, a final brief was delivered by Mr. Chamira Boteju – Head of HR & Admin, on the identification of Customers and insights into professional selling and communication.

After the conclusion of the program, participants were awarded a certificate confirming their successful participation in the program.

Throughout the years, we have had the pleasure of receiving optimistic feedback about why they feel honoured to work with us. Our development programs continue to epitomise the fact that we are all allied through a communal vision.


(This program was aided and ably supported by the HR division of Jetwing Travels (Pvt) Ltd.)