Sri Lanka located in proximity to the equator has a tropical climate and two distinct seasons. Surrounded by the Indian Ocean the relatively small island has a blowing wind that makes you forget the high humidity and warm nights during your Sri Lanka holiday.. As you reach the central hills the temperature drops along with the altitude. Thse parts of the Island has a pleasant climate for most of the year. The constant see breeze alleviates the average temperature of 27 C to 30 C.The tropical climate of the Island is greatly affected by the Asiatic monsoon which reverses the wind direction at predictable periods.


Rainfall in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka receives most of its rainfall from the monsoon winds. In between May and July, the south west monsoon winds bring rain to the western, central and southern areas of the Sri Lanka. Again, in the months of December and January, most of the rain occurs in the northern and eastern part of the island which is brought by the north east monsoon winds.Thus, it can be concluded Sri Lanka Weather is marked by very little diversity.