Awareness to health and safety issues

After many years of war, Sri Lanka has finally returned to a state of peace and harmony. As such, security is no longer an issue; however please do be mindful of your belongings and person at all times.


Taking care of valuables

Always keep your valuables – money, passport, tickets, and jewelry in the hotel safety deposit locker. You should not leave your valuables unattended on the beach or leave your money or passports in your baggage which may be unlocked.


Driving in Sri Lanka

If you rent a car with the intent of driving on your own please be fully briefed on all formalities you need to be aware of while driving in Sri Lanka. Please do inquire about road rules, traffic conditions and be aware of other drivers who may not be as careful as you.


Eco Sensitivity

When enjoying the natural beauty of our island please remember to remain silent whilst in forest trails. It is best if nothing is left behind, and fires should be lit only in designated camp sites. Always seek the assistance of a trained guide and try to avoid lone excursions.
In case of an animal encounter, please do not try to harass, chase, touch, handle or feed.


Health issues

Generally, every town will possess a pharmacy and a qualified medical practitioner is not hard to find. If you are on medication please bring an adequate supply of your drugs. If you rely on prescriptions, make sure that your doctor indicates not only the brand name but also the generic name of the drug.
It is advisable to always drink bottled water. While the water supply in cities is treated they cannot be guaranteed as portable. Boiling water for drinking is a common practice in homes in Sri Lanka. You are advised to use bottled water with its sealed top intact.