Whale and Dolphin watching

Interested in having a whale of an adventure? Eager to interact with some friendly dolphins?  Come to Sri Lanka which has been named the ‘Best place in the World for seeing and photographing Blue Whales’ as well as being an ideal place to see Sperm whales and Spinner dolphins. In 2007 the exciting news broke that migratory whales were passing though the southern seas of Sri Lanka. This had initially been a theory of the British marine biologist Dr. Charles Anderson. However by April 2007 this theory was confirmed beyond a reasonable doubt when at Dondra Head – which is the southern most tip of Sri Lanka and where the continental shelf is at its narrowest – Blue Whales and Sperm Whales were sighted from land. Thus overnight  Sri Lanka had become a favoured location for whale watching and with Jetwing Travels you will be given a chance to ‘frolic with the Dolphins and Whales’.


From December to April the  calm seas of the southern coast of the island also see an influx of Sperm Whales and Spinner Dolphins.  In the Mammal kingdom both Sperm and Blue whales are record holders. The Blue Whale is the largest mammal and perhaps even the largest animal to have ever inhabited the earth. Likewise the Sperm Whale is also the largest of the toothed whales and also the deepest diving mammal.Jetwing Travels has a 6 day holiday plan for all whale and dolphin enthusiasts who want to enjoy Sri Lanka while also engaging in an ocean adventure. Clients are picked up from the airport and taken to the coastal town of Galle, a former Colonial outpost. Their stay is at Jetwing Lighthouse which was designated one of the small luxury hotels of the world. The next day the whale and dolphin adventure begins out on the high seas of Mirissa. Equally exciting is the fact that all guests get to benefit from the services of Jetwing Lighthouse Hotel’s resident naturalist Anoma Alagiyawadu. Anoma has been trained by the experienced cetacean researcher, Dr. Charles Anderson and according to  the travel website Trip Advisor whale watching with the hotel’s resident naturalist is a “truly magical experience”


Mirissa in the deep south and Kalpitiya on the western coastal belt have become synonymous for whale and dolphin watching. In Mirissa  large pods of dolphins have become a regular sighting while Blue Whales can be found during the migratory season a few miles from the coastline. The gregarious nature of Spinner Dolphins means that often you can see 1000- 2000 of them at a time.Jetwing Travels is  careful to ensure that we engage in responsible and ethical travel practices. We always make sure to keep a distance from the whales and let them decide if they want to approach the boat. In general whales are not afraid of either fishing boats or people, hence the reason they tend to swim up to boats or surface close to it. However it is important to never pursue them as it is not something they are used to. Travel with Jetwing Travels and you can enjoy a lifelong ambition without having to compromise on environmental ethics. We promote responsible whale and dolphin watching because along with the safety of the tourist the welfare of the animal is also of primary importance.