The number of waterfalls in Sri Lanka is truly disproportionate to its modest surface area.Most of them are found in the Central Highlands.Most of these spectacular waterfalls can be viewed with ease avoiding long detours from the trunk routes you will inevitably follow in your Sri Lanka tour. Some of them are to be found in thick forests but clearly indicated in your Sri Lanka Map or in any Sri Lanka Travel Guide should you wish to explore them in earnest. The mischievous streams that originate the central highlands form themselves into rivers on the plains of the island. In their hurry to keep their tryst with the ocean far away, they jump off the rocky surfaces of cliff tops they encounter on the way. Their impatience adds nine more gems that enriches Sri Lanka tourism as cited here.  


Bambarakanda Ella

Bambarakanda Ella is the highest waterfall in Sri Lanka with a height of 263m (865 feet). An essentially seasonal waterfall it reaches its grandest display during October to March. Reached on the Haputale – Kalupahana Road it is 22 km from Balangoda the closest town.  


Diyaluma Waterfall

Diyaluma is the 2nd highest waterfall of Sri Lanka with a height of 559 feet. The fall has a store of a folklore attached to it. Be sure to ask about the legend while on your Sri Lanka vacation!  


Duhinda Falls

Duhinda is a spectacular waterfall close to Badulla a city you will visit if you decide to climb the tallest peak Pidurutalagala. Fed by Baduluoya, a tributary of Mahawelli Ganga, the fall is 210 foot high. You need to trek nearly 2 kms to reach the base.  


Galagediyana Ella

The waterfall is close to Colombo.The fall is 35 feet high and makes an impression. As its Sinhala name suggests it is the heap of rocks that makes it one of the widest falls you could see in your Sri Lanka vacation.  


Ravana Ella

Ravana Ella is one of the widest falls. As the legend narrates the Demon King Ravana of Lanka who abducted Sita hid her in a cave behind the magnificent fall that has a thick mist around it. That is the narrative of the Ramayana epic. Haputale the picturesque town is close by with several fabulous Sri Lanka Boutique hotels in the Haputale hill country.  


Bopath Ella

Bopath Ella is a spectacular waterfall situated close to Colombo. The fall has a height of 100 feet. Due to its proximity to Colombo it is an accessible picnic spot.  


Saint Claire Waterfall

Saint Claire is the widest waterfall in Sri Lanka. It actually has two waterfalls: The “Maha Ella” and “Kuda Ella”. The first is 80m high and falls in three cascades down to make another, the Kothmale fall. The smaller “Kuda Ella” is 60m high and flows also to the Kothmale fall.  


Devon’s Waterfall

This waterfall is one of the grandest in the island. The fall is in the Devon Tea Plantation, named after Devon-a pioneer coffee planter. It is a huge fall, 318 ft high and has several cascades that add to its beauty. The clear space in front of it puts its impressive size in relief.


Alupolla Ella

Alupolla Ella fall has a height of 200 ft and is made of three cascades. The fall is located 25 km away from Ratnapura, the Gem City.