Sri Lanka Beach Holiday

Sri Lanka has a coast line of 1600 kms with numerous coves, bays and lagoons. The splendor of the ocean trapped in a tranquility in bays, the rich marine life nurtured by nature in the mangroves of a lagoon, the palm protected shade of a cove, and the foam dripping waves that that are in a constant and the unending miles of wide swathes of sand bordered by clear blue water of the Indian ocean make a beach holiday Sri Lanka a repast so priceless that it can be only nature that can offer it. Sri Lanka vacation offers it all. They include windsurfing, kayaking, yachting, water skiing and scuba diving. The true ‘scuba diving’ experience can be enjoyed at some of the most exotic places such the Great Basses where you could hunt for Surat coins from a sunken trader of the Mogul Emperor Aurang Zeb. The two weather systems of the monsoon winds makes a Sri Lanka beach holiday a year round prospect whenever you decide to delight in the these tropical beaches. The north east winds make the south western coast sunny and the sea unhurried to wake up from November to March. The South West winds make the East Coast waters calm with the constant sun shine happily in agreement.



This beach receives increasing prominence in the Sri Lanka map of beach resorts. The beach lies in languid desolation flanked by the sea on one side and the lagoon on the other. More of wide sandy beach fronts are to be found on the islands in the sea and the lagoon.



The beach resorts are mostly to the north of Negombo town. The long stretches of beach are replete with many enticements on land and water. The collection of well appointed resort hotels see to be in a conspiracy to lure you in to wind surfing, diving, and swimming instead of sun bathing watching the string of distant fishing boats that keep the Chefs of the luxury hotels Sri Lanka busy with their daily catch.


Mount Lavinia

The pleasant beach front that is the closest to the metropolis of Colombo combines the leisure of a beach resort with the conveniences of suburban Colombo.



The golden brown beach of Kalutara offers a range of facilities from five star resorts to quiet retreats away from the maddening crowd. The fairly long stretch of beach offers good swimming.



Its main attraction is the tranquil bay with the palm shaded beach that suggests that an Eden resort cannot be far way. The Town Mosque with its prominent Minaret is a living narrative of the wanderlust of the ancient Arab traders who anchored their dhows in this bay. It has excellent water sport facilities.



The equanimity of the sea in Benthota is never lost unless provoked by the rudeness of the south west monsoon winds. Mercifully that aberration of wind behavior is confined to the months May to July. The gentle demeanor of the sea and the wide golden hued sandy beaches makes it the home of some of the renowned luxury hotels in Sri Lanka.



It is a popular resort town with a character of its own with some of the best surfing waves you will find in holiday Sri Lanka.



It is a fishing village. Once sleepy, now fully awake with its catamarans to take you out to the sea for deep water fishing. Protected by its reef the sea is unhurriedly calm for swimming and snorkeling.



The curvaceous beach offers a splendid view of the bay that the town is proud of. The waves that seem to reach heights that they are not expected to reach provide a heaven for the surfers who flock there.



It radiates an alluring charm that is distinctly its own in the south west coast. From November to April it is definitely the best location to see whales – sperm whales, pilot whales and killer whales. The whales do not deter the Dolphins who frequent these waters.


Arugam Bay

If you are a surfing addict in search of rough waves that dares to defy you this is the sea front you seek. If in addition you are fond of roaming Elephants, mischievous monkeys and crocodiles, you are definitely home.



It is indisputably ranked as the best beach in the east offering all you wish in the form of marine life, sports and leisure on peaceful beach fronts.