Water Sports on land and in the Ocean

With more than a hundred of rivers, swamps, lagoons, and a few interconnected old canals and lakes the opportunities for canoeing and kayaking are plenty in a Sri Lanka Holiday. Do make sure to request it in an all inclusive Sri Lanka holiday. The Kelani River and the River Kaluganga offer good prospects of canoeing through the serene country side in generally placid waters. The many reservoirs that dot the inevitable routes you must follow in a Sri Lanka trip offer superb canoeing facilities. The docile waters of the Samanalawewa reservoir easily accessible from Belihuloya is a popular canoeing site. You can also undertake some hiking or biking in the pleasant surroundings of Belihuloya which has a hiking trail to Horton Plains. The Chandrikawewa Reservoir which is on the route from Rathnapura – the Gem City to the Yala National park is another reservoir for canoeing with a panoramic view of the mountain range that skirts it. Naturally an experienced guide and modern life jackets will be available by your Sri Lanka tour operator. Those who are not experienced will be given an appropriate orientation in canoeing.


Wind Surfing

Benthota in the south-west, the Negombo lagoon on the west coast and Trincomalee in the East Coast are the best of many other coastal spots for wind surfing. The experienced windsurfer is assured of an exquisite infusion of adrenaline skimming over the waters in all three points. For beginners of windsurfing, the more tranquil waters of the Bentota River and the Negombo Lagoon are recommended The many tanks and lakes provide ideal training before you head out to the challenge of the ocean from your Sri Lanka beach resorts.The sea off Nilaveli beach in Trincomalee provides a fantastic east coast alternative when h3 monsoon winds make it less hospitable for the sport on the west coast.

The year round blowing in the Negombo lagoon makes it an academy of this exciting water sport in a Sri Lanka tour package. There is always a wind blowing across the Negombo lagoon with waves rising as high as 15cm at times.Scuba-Diving and snorkeling are an inevitable part of Sri Lanka tour packages. An incredible array of tropical fish in the coral reefs and outrageously fascinating ship wrecks can be your rewards in diving in the reefs you have only read in Sri Lanka travel guides. The marine sanctuary of the Bar Reef off the Kalpitiya beach on the west is recommended to the avid marine conservationist. The abundance of marine riches that scuba divers are wild about are mesmerizing enough to consider settling down in a Sri Lanka Villa on the west coast or a Sri Lanka boutique hotel near Pigeon Island on the east coast.


Hot Air Ballooning

Dependent on weather conditions, the best season for flying is October to April when light winds and bright weather is assured.Hot Air Ballooning is a remarkable way of discovering the curious mixture of history, modernity, tranquility and piety of a people and their land. The hawk eye view of temples, shrines, cascading dams, asphalt highways that snake through lush paddy fields and urban bazaars is well worth the effort. The hot air balloons manufactured by global brands are piloted by instructors licensed by the Civil Aviation Authority of Sri Lanka. The balloon will take you over the remains of the palace atop the Sigriya Rock fortress, a major Sri Lanka tourist attraction.