Elephant Gathering

Elephant holidays are becoming extremely popular as everyone afterall loves an elephant. They are sociable and intelligent giants with great family values. They are also huge and catching a glimpse of these giants out in the wild is certainly not an opportunity to be missed. Sri Lanka is home to 10% of all Asian elephants and considering the length and breadth of the island that is a pretty amazing fact as it amounts to around 5000 wild elephants.


However with regards to Elephants that is not Sri Lanka’s only claim to fame.  The Minneriya National Park is the locale for a spectacular gathering of elephants from July to October during the dry season in the  North Central and Eastern provinces. As it is a period of drought there is a lack of water in the region and it is this that brings nearly 300 elephants to the Minneriya Tank. Water is an essential component of an elephant’s survival as on average a fully grown elephant drinks about a 100 litres of water a day. In the 3rd Century AD the Minnerya Irrigation Tank was built by one of the ancient Sinhalese kings, Mahasena within what we now call the Minneriya National Park. This ancient tank has become a refuge for elephants because during the dry seasons they cannot drink water from waterholes in the forests since they evaporate into cracked mud patches. Hence the reason they all come to the Minneriya Tank which collects water during the time of the  Monsoon and thereby becomes the source of water for herds of thirsty elephants during the long months of the drought. Wildlife experts explain that during this time the elephants assemble together in order to drink water and feed on the grass which grows on the bed of the tank.


The Minneriya Elephant gathering is not the result of elephant migration but instead the outcome of a number of different wild elephant herds meeting together in the same place. They come from a host of different locations in the North Central Province making this large assembly of Wild Asian elephanst an extremely unique and unusual global occurrence. In fact Lonely Planet has ranked, what is now commonly referred to as ‘The Gathering’, 6th on their list of the world’s best wildlife spectacles.This gathering is also considered to be the largest in South Asia and is extremely popular with visitors who want to witness this annual event. Visitors are spectator to herds and herds of elephants who eat, drink and frolic on the dry tank bed at Minneriya. For some lucky elephant enthusiasts they may even catch a glimpse of one or two tuskers.


Wildlife enthusiasts on an elephant safari to Minneriya will also catch sightings of different species of deer, monkeys and maybe even a leopard or two. Likewise the bed of the tank is a hotspot for birds. Painted storks, egrets and the white, dark bellied fish eagle frequent the tank in hope of catching some fish in its shallow waters. The gathering is at its best during August and September so don’t waste any time in making a reservation with Jetwing Travels for an elephant adventure.