A 30km stretch of beach is found to the north of the Eastern coastal town of Trincomalee. At the center of the strip is the famous Nilaveli beach which contains all the elements of a paradise island. At Nilaveli a sleepy holiday by the sea or a fun-filled holiday schedule are both possibilities. A few hundred meters offshore from Nilaveli beach is the much frequented Pigeon Island which derives its name from the blue rock pigeon which breeds on the island. The coral reefs make snorkeling as well as diving two popular activities while swimming or fishing at Red Rocks Bay and Kuchchaveli add to the myriad opportunities by which to sample the surrounding seas. Aside from the popular historical sites at Trincomalee there is the ancient vatadage at Tiriyaya which dates back to the 7th or 8th Century and according to lore contains a hair relic of the Buddha.