Negombo is a city that offers a sampling of all Sri Lanka attractions.The Negombo lagoon, the sea, the scenic beaches and a large polyglot community, reflects the essence of the ultimate Sri Lanka holiday experience. Ornate Buddhist temples, Hindu shrines, Christian churches and Muslim mosques testify to the spiritual harmony of a cosmopolitan community that has seen it all from the age of discovery, trade and conquest. The Dutch Canal and a Fort stands ready to testify to its claim to be the first Sri Lankan destination you should visit when the Sri Lanka flight lands in the International Airport that is only 40 minutes away.The facilities for swimming, snorkelling, diving, wind surfing, deep sea fishing and scuba diving tell you why holidays in Sri Lanka are a compact package that gives you both multiple pleasures and value.Negombo had its early beginnings as a trading port for Arab traders who came to Serendib (Sri Lanka) in search of cinnamon. The trading post survived the three European conquests, adjusting itself to the vicissitudes of both political control and trading opportunities. In the process Negombo evolved in to a smelting pot of diverse cultures, languages, religions and communities.


All three languages – Sinhala, Tamil and English – are spoken. The facilities for visitors range from upmarket exclusive Sri Lanka Boutique hotels and five star resorts to the budget accommodation sought by youth who seek the most for the least in cheap Sri Lanka holidays.If you happen to be a lover of seafood, you have arrived almost at a point of no return. The ocean and the lagoon provide the delicacies and the Negombo fish market probably has no equal in this part of the world for both its selection and the ingenuity of its fishmongers.The people of Negombo belong to several castes and communities who are totally acclimatised to the cultural cross roads they happen be in.