Kalpitiya is a settlement of traditional fishing families sitting in comfort on the water’s edge of the Puttalam lagoon.The lagoon, with a water surface area of about 32,750ha – is one of the largest lagoons in Sri Lanka.The scenic attractions includes the Kalaoya estuary (one of Sri Lanka’s largest mangrove habitats), the Meeoya estuary, the Dutch Bay and the Portugal Bay. Kalpitiya and the surrounding little islands have mangroves, sea grass beds and extensive coral reefs. The combination makes it a heaven to be enjoyed in a long Sri Lanka vacation of swimming, snorkeling watching whales and dolphins. The brilliant sunset across the azure seas constantly listening to the hush of nature makes it an exclusive Sri Lanka honey moon holiday. The air conditioned chalets that are hidden away in the estuary can be a Tailor Made Sri Lanka package of exquisite ecstasy. The coastal ecosystems provide vital services for human well-being. They support livelihoods, protect the community from extreme weather. Nature has shaped the cultural and spiritual values of the inhabitants of this peninsular rhapsody of nature. Fourteen wholesome islands and glistening copper coloured beaches await you. The other delight that will enthrall you is the 300 sq.km. marine sanctuary and the abundant marine life.The Alankuda Beach is a Sri Lanka luxury that you must experience in a Sri Lanka vacation. It is indeed a Sri Lanka exclusive of a discrete dalliance with Dolphins and Whales during October to May.The grand enticement of the ocean is watching whales and dolphins. The other pleasures that you could indulge in abundance are snorkeling over the spectacular coral formations, deep-sea fishing, kayaking, canoeing, sailing, kite and wind surfing.