Anuradhapura is one of the island’s most famous ancient cities, firmly in place in any tours in Sri Lanka.The ancient ruins predating the Christian era puts Anuradhapura in the pantheon of human history along with Athens, Alexandria and Patalipurhra. It depicts the trajectory of the Sinhalese civilization from the time it was founded in 4th century BC.The Mahavamsa, the historical chronicle affirms that the city was founded in 380 BC. The capital city of Sinhala Kings of Sri Lanka suffered, survived, was razed to the ground and was rebuilt as most other cities whose prosperity and the envy of rulers in its proximity was a recipe for recurring disasters and innovative engineering in reconstruction.The past grandeur is narrated by a fascinating collection of ancient ruins some of which have been painstakingly restored. The remote past of a majestic capital and a monastic city of benevolent kings, despotic monarchs, retreating rulers and heroic conquerors reach out to you from Sri Lanka history.The Dagoba – Thuparamaya was built by King Devanam Piya Tissa in 3rd century BC to enshrine the clavicle of the Buddha, considered a sacred relic that was gifted to the King by the Mauryan Missionary Emperor Asoka. The city was conquered and sacked by Pandyan kings in the 9th century. The destruction in AD 993 by an invading Indian King brought an end to the city as the capital of Sri Lanka. Close to Anuradhapura is Mihintale, the oldest and the first wildlife sanctuary of all mankind. The story goes that King Devanam Piyatissa who was a deer hunt when he found Arahant Mahinda and by royal edict declared the entire area as a protected reserve a tradition that continues to this day. Other than Mihintale, there are more than 14 protected wild life parks you can visit on your Sri Lanka trip.

The oldest tree in the world adorns this city of shrines. It was brought from India in the 3rd century BC. Its sanctity rests on it being grown from the Bo Tree (ficus religiousa) in Bodhgaya India. Under the shade of the parent tree, the Ascetic Siddharathe sought enlightenment.The relicts of the Buddha enshrined in Stupas or Dagobas have thus determined the topography of Anuradhapura.Your holiday in Sri Lanka needs to an enriching experience. Find the answer to the question “can man escape his destiny?” Yes. See the Samadhi Statue of the Buddha, matchless in the intense serenity that it radiates.Can a royal bath be made as ornate in its scale and beauty as that of a cathedral? Yes, See the twin ponds. To learn about Sri Lanka is to learn about the genius of man.