Magical magnificence of Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a destination that has got all the necessary holiday ingredients hence the reason it is often accompanied by the descriptive title of ‘magical magnificence’. Holidays in Sri Lanka are a combination of magic that enthralls you and magnificence because of the striking impression it leaves on you. Once you step off that plane and onto Sri Lankan soil you are part of an unforgettable experience that will leave you longing for more.


Sri Lanka is a tropical island found off the southern tip of India. Part of the South Asian subcontinent, this pearl of the Indian Ocean, (as it has been described for time immemorial) is a travellers’ paradise and the scene of many a historic event. According to its earliest historical record the Mahavamsa, one of the first names it was called by was ‘Tambapanni’ because when invaders landed from India they noticed the copper (Tamba) coloured sea-sand. The golden beaches of Sri Lanka are a testament to the fact that although over a 1000 years has passed since this incident was recorded not much has changed in the natural beauty of the island.


Over the centuries Sri Lanka became a melting pot of cultures as it was continually influenced by outside travelers, traders and of course explorers. Early Settlers came from North India and South India,  while  ancient mariners, traders and travellers came from China, Arabia, Rome, Greece and Africa as Sri Lanka was on the famous silk route. Colonizers came from the colder climates of Portugal, Holland and Britain. Thus it was called Lanka, Taprobane, Serendib,  Cellao, Zellan, Ceylon and finally Sri Lanka. Some remained while some left Sri Lanka, however they influenced and were forever influenced by their visit to this island which Mahathama Gandhi referred to as “unsurpassed on the face of the earth”. Food, dress, languages, religion and customs were left behind, intermingled and now form the multi-cultural experience that is Sri Lanka.


While sunny weather is generally the norm in Sri Lanka, the location of the island between the Bay of Bengal and the Arabian Sea means that it faces trade winds from both the East and the West. These trade winds bring the Monsoon which means that a thunderstorm can also be part of your magical holiday weather.


Come experience the magnificence of Sri Lanka for yourself and rest assured that it will be the holiday of a lifetime. Sri Lanka has many accommodation options for the discerning traveller. From opulent boutique hotels to private villas, from budget resorts to guest houses there is something for everyone. Top-knotch cuisine, stunning scenery, a colourful culture and amazing people all come together to make it the holiday of a lifetime.


To learn more about what to see and do in Sri Lanka, make sure that you read up on the country and available holiday deals so that you can have a vacation that is tailor made to suit you. At Jetwing Travels we strive to make our guests happy and content with their vacation and the rest we leave to ‘serendipity’ because after all a ‘happy accident’ is what Sri Lanka is all about.


Discover Sri Lanka

Popular Destinations

Sri Lanka, voted the number one holiday destination in the world, is a jewel of an island in the Indian ocean.


Things To Do

In Sri Lanka the ‘to do list’ is endless. Miles of coastline around the island means lots of sea and sunshine. From surfing in Arugambay to Whale watching in Mirissa the options are endless.


Travel Information

All major airlines fly directly to Sri Lanka making it easily accessible on major travel routes. Once you get to Sri Lanka public transport consists of buses and trains


Where To Huddle

With Jetwing Travels you are spoilt for choice as there are so many fabulous places to stay at. From luxury beach villas, which come complete with your own chef


Food and Drinks

Sri Lankan cuisine is a reflection of the multi-cultural influences that have impinged upon the island nation in the past as well as in the present. However the food still contains a distinct flavour.