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Steeped in the vibrant history of a proud civilization which dates as far
back as 3000 years, Sri Lanka is a land where the past lives on, not
only in the heartbeat of her smiling people, but also in the traditions of
an ancient culture reflective of the ever present influence of a
by-gone era.
The spirit and essence of ancient Sri Lanka is etched in the many
magnificent monuments that stand testimony to the splendor and vitality
of several historic dynasties of which Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa
stand foremost. Home to an astounding eight UNESCO world heritage
sites, including the wondrous rock fortress of Sigiriya, the resplendent
past of this island nation endures, embellished further by the remnants
of Portuguese, Dutch and British colonial rule that provides an insightful
glimpse into events and influences integral to the moulding of modern
Sri Lanka. Heralded as the No.1 tourist destination by the New York
Times and many other prestigious publications, Sri Lanka is a trove of
ancient grandeur and is her people’s enduring pride.
Jetwing will introduce to you all this with pride in our own way and with
our own brand of hospitality. Giving you authentic experiences that
gently introduces to you Sri Lanka and her history, we will go the extra
mile in arranging local experiences, private visits and activities that will
allow you to learn and truly immerse yourself in the country, its history
and heritage.