Home Stays in Sri Lanka

If you are the adventurous traveller longing for a taste of the authentic local culture of the countries and localities that you visit, then staying at Home Stay Units, bungalows and rented apartments and houses is ideal for you.


The Sri Lanka Tourist Board along with various travel agents and tour operators in the country has begun to promote Home Stays as the newest accommodation option for the tourists to the country. With the increase in tourist arrivals to the country in the recent pass, the tourism industry is met with the challenge of providing safe and comfortable accommodation options for the Island’s guests at an affordable price. This is also an option for the local communities to directly participate in the development of the country through tourism and is a source of income for them.


This allows the traveller to interact with the local community, participate in their daily chores and in actuality, gain a slice of the truly Sri Lankan customs and values. You will be able to learn a few tricks of mastering the delicious local cuisines and the various spices and herbs. The senior members of the families who run the Home Stays are most willing to pass on their expertise always accompanied with the most winning smile, a signature feature of Sri Lankan hospitality and culture. As an additional bonus, you may go back to your home country fluent in a few essential local words and phrases. (Beware, however, some of the locals like to have a good joke trying to teach travellers with a few of the choicest words and phrases of the local language!)


Join us at Jetwing Travels if you are one who craves the “real travelling experience”. We at Jetwing Travels join hands with the Sri Lanka Tourism Board and promote only Tourist Board approved accommodation; guaranteeing safe and comfortable accommodating options for you.